As with all things at the moment, SCCNZ is impacted by the COVID-19 situation and its ramifications.

It is still unclear when motor sport will resume and at what levels.  MotorSport NZ have put out a "stratigic plan" for a return to some form of competition, but it is very convoluted and paper-intensive. Probably easier to wait and see how things develop.  We don't normally run events until Spring anyway..... 

We will however, attempt to keep you informed on COVID matters affecting the Club, but as the situation evolves and we progress through the various Alert levels up and down, you will probably know as much as, if not more, than we do.


About Us

The Sports Car Club of New Zealand (SCCNZ) was formed in 1982, by a group of car enthusiasts who wished to create a Club primarily devoted to the promotion and advancement of the Sports Car and Gran Turismo (GT) vehicle, from home built specials to factory exotics.