The Club has three classes of Club Membership:

Full Membership - restricted to those members owning, operating, constructing or restoring a Sports or GT car. Such a member enjoys all the rights and privileges detailed in the Club Constitution. Associate Membership - for those members who do not currently own, operate, are constructing or restoring a Sports or GT car. The Club Constitution contains certain limitations as to the rights and privileges associated with this class of membership. Family Membership - restricted to the immediate family of a Full or Associate Member, domicile with that member. This class of membership entitles the Family Member to take part in events up to and including ClubSport Basic level, as detailed in the New Zealand MotorSport Manual. Where a member wishes to take part in events above that level, Full or Associate Membership is required.

An Application Form for Club Membership is available here: Fillable Membership Form

Alternately, you can contact the Club Secretary, either by e-mail or at our Club PO Box number.

Note:  Applications to join the Club can ONLY BE ACTIONED following approval by the Executive Committee of the Club at one of their monthly Executive Committee meetings.  These meetings ares normally held on the third Tuesday of each month, except in January when there is no meeting.

Club membership lapses on 31st May each year, but a grace period of a further 30 days is provided for in the Club Consitution, when a renewal can be actioned without penalty.  Email reminders will be sent to members who have not renewed prior to the expiry of the grace period.  A membership which has lapsed due to a failure by a member to renew by 30th June each year MUST BE TREATED AS A NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.

Membership Applications CANNOT BE PROCESSED AT EVENTS, or on an ad hoc basis by any executive of the Club.  Also, the Club's Constitution does not provide for the issue of temporary, provisional or "day only" memberships.

Privacy Policy

Sports Car Club of New Zealand Inc. (SCCNZ) collects the following personal information from members:

       Members Name, Members contact details, Members age group.

We collect this information in order to:

       Maintain a database of current and past members, so we can communicate with them and keep records of events they have participated in. 

       To allow us to confirm Club membership status with MotorSport NZ, so members can be issued with and/or renew their competition licences.

This information is stored in a password protected file and SCCNZ Inc does not share this information with any 3rd parties.

About Us

The Sports Car Club of New Zealand (SCCNZ) was formed in 1982, by a group of car enthusiasts who wished to create a Club primarily devoted to the promotion and advancement of the Sports Car and Gran Turismo (GT) vehicle, from home built specials to factory exotics.